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Tamaru Hunt-Joshi is a ceramic artist, based in Moycullen Co. Galway whose work is inspired by nature and the landscape in the west of Ireland. Her work reflects connection with nature, and concern about global biodiversity and ecological changes and aims to connect people with their natural surroundings. She makes unglazed stoneware pictures of natural landscapes and botanical impressions,  and her pictures highlight the intricate beauty of plants that surround us. Her pictures are usually unglazed and often using print techniques in combination with clay relief and washes of stained slips. Tamaru has also been exploring raku ceramics, with its unpredicatable nature and connection with fire. Her raku-fired work includes wall panels but is mainly sculptural. She makes raku-fired birds, they are handbuilt, incorporating metal nails and often mounted on drift wood or bog oak. 


Tamaru Hunt-Joshi sells her work in Co. Galway under the name Turnstone Ceramics (http://www.turnstoneceramics.com)