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I walk along the beach, flotsam and jetsam is tangled among the seaweed. Its bright synthetic man-
made colours sing out. On closer scrutiny these objects have a gorgeous range of textures where the
sea has intervened. Seams and edges have softened, yet there is still evidence of the making
process, of the machine.
Although rubbish, these objects in the sand create a visual dialogue. It is off balance, but strangely
appealing. A random still life, an accidental composition.
I am creating my own flotsam and jetsam, a colourful collection of homewares that fill your heart
with joy. From these odds and ends, I explore function and the aesthetic of the domestic, through
pieces that are intended to be held and used. In addition, recycled broken ceramic with jesmonite
create quirky accessories, turning the undesirable into the desirable.