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FB: Jed Gjerek Ceramic Art

FB: Jed Jadranko Gjerek

Instagram: jed_gjerek

YouTube: Jed Gjerek

e-mail: jed.gjerek@gmail.com

Jed Gjerek is Croatian born artist based in Ireland. He is internationally active potter, ceramic maker and tutor well known for his YouTube tutor’s Channel.

Consider himself kinda old school artist who believe art work should be product of knowledge, skills and passion. Passionate with traditional ceramic worldwide, inspired with melting pot theory and salad bowl theory and attracted to the traditional artistic pursuits such as painting and sculpture his work in pottery and ceramic reflect multicultural ancient roots affected by multicultural contemporary environment where is not clear is finished piece functional object or purely decorative art work.

Started as potter in traditional pottery of north-west Croatia he is traditional pottery of north-west Croatia expert awarded by the Ministry of Culture of Croatia (National Treasure) with numbers of displaying, workshops, lectures, research work and publication behind.

As tutor in ceramic and pottery field he is author of master classes, educational programs, workshops, courses, lectures, trainings and demonstrations for all age groups, educational levels and special students needs. His YouTube Channel as tutors channel is fallowed by thousands with millions of views.

Clay Galway member since 2019.

Ceramics Ireland’s member since 2018.

The Croatian Association of ceramists Kerameikon member since 2005.