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Leaves on The Water by Jed Gjerek

Trinity Primary School Tuam and Jed Gjerek

Digging his personal migration story Jed Gjerek is questening relation between leaves and the boats starting with obvious facts how both are able to flow as well as both are weak and vulnerable through their journeys. Going through his journey he is going through a general path which starts with fear “Are we strong enough for the journey?”, he is going through struggling with visual signs and languages which should help us during a journey and in the end he is arriving at the destination with hope in new beginning and with all holes left behind just like boats are arriving to the port carrying passengers full of hope as well as leaves arrived to their destination dying and becoming a new beginning for new plants.  

Big thanks to the Trinity Primary School Tuam with all stuff members.

Massive thanks and hug to all students from Trinity Pottery Club and Bridget Ward.

Special thanks to Erin Conway; without you some things won’t have happened. 

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