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Clay Journeys by Tatiana Dobos

Tatiana Dobos together with Knocknacarra Educate Together National School

Clay Journeys, the Galway2020 project in collaboration with the  Multi denominational Knocknacarra Educate Togethet National School is an exploration of multiculturalism  , multi-lingualism, multi-reliogions, how they meet and flow together in a river of unity , celebrating diversity.

The boat is a vessel which carried us migrants, our dreams, our stories  our histories to a new land . We now join our new culture and transform our lives in a new communal strength. 

One child can make their personal boat, with their uniqueness in it, together we can make new shapes and patterns, we can carry each other in the new river of life. There is great beauty and strength in community, the flowing river of multi denominationalism, multiculturalism,  is a celebration of the global village . 

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